Yingluck: I’m the real PM


(31/01/13) Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra today has denied an international news report that her brother former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is manipulating her cabinet remotely from abroad via telecommunication channels.

Ms Yingluck affirmed that she is the genuine prime minister of Thailand as she has been administering the country with her cabinet.

Citing recent opinion polls, the prime minister said her leadership and recognition among the public have increased, and she has successively proved herself and her performance in the past year.

The remark came as The New York Times earlier published an article, alleging that the former prime minister has been making important decisions for the Thai government via mobile phone, Skype, Line and Whatsapp communications with his sister and various cabinet members. It also said that Mr Thaksin participated in some cabinet meetings through Skype.

She said The New York Times article is groundless, explaining that mobile phones are not allowed in the cabinet meeting.

Meanwhile, Government Spokesperson Dr Tossapor n Serirak (ทศพร เสรีรักษ์) affirmed that the weekly cabinet meetings have been held without the former prime minister’s participation. He said Ms Yingluck has been personally formulating strategies for national administration.


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