PM to help alleviate impact of wage hike, strong baht


(24/01/13) Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has pledged that she will assist the private sector after they have been hit by the 300-baht daily minimum wage hike policy and the current strong Thai baht.

The prime minister earlier has tasked the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce and the National Economic and Social Development Board with monitoring the situation and assess how assistance can be given.

Prime Minister Yingluck said a meeting with private organisations has been slated to take place very soon to discuss the issue and assistance that the government can offer.

As for criticism over the nation’s rising public debt and implementation of populist policies by the government, the prime minister responded that the measures were not aimed at distributing money to people, but were established to help strengthen purchasing power and stimulate domestic spending.

Asking the media and the public to look at the overall picture of the nation, she explained that the more income people have, the more profit private companies will enjoy eventually.

The prime minister nonetheless said that the government will remain cautious and monitor the situation closely to prevent risks.


Source : thairath



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