Thai salary raises less than average


(20/01/13) Towers Watson and Company, the New York-based global human resources consultancy, said companies in Thailand gave smaller salary increases last year than those in other countries.

Employees whose performance exceeded expectations in Thailand received only a 7 percent increase in salary compared with 11 percent globally.

Those who far exceeded expectations, the top 10 percent, received a 9 percent increase in Thailand compared with 15 percent globally.

Towers Watson stated that if Thailand continues in this way, the country will not be able to differentiate between normal and top-performing employees.

A company study indicated employees in Thailand also have less understanding on how performance-based recognition awards are determined compared with other countries in Asia-Pacific.

Instead, many employees here achieve career advancement through mobility.

The data was presented at the Towers Watson 2012 Talent Management and Rewards Study.

Researchers surveyed 1-thousand 605 participants in 30 markets globally. Among the 507 participants from Asia-Pacific, 41 were from Thailand. Almost half of the Asia-Pacific participants reported larger increases in hiring activities than turnover, implying a gradual economic recovery.


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