A few thoughts the election campaign heats up

A few thoughts the election campaign heats up:

  • I feel like the California Gubernatorial 2003 election. If you remember that poll had several notorious candidates including Ariana Huffington, several democrats, a former porn king, an actor, and a combination of a pornography and acting in Arnold Schwarzenegger. Look at the Thai election and…well I am going to censor myself before someone assassinates me.
  • Two nights ago, the Foreign Correspondent club held a panel that addressed article 112 in the constitution. Article 112 is the LM related provisions and the panel were critical of some of the selective administrations of the law by political entities. Among those on the panel was rights activists Sulak and a representative from Amnesty International. I’ll censor myself again because I don’t want to bet cut off the air.
  • Colonel Sansern of CRES fame has also confessed that the mind map he drew up connecting anti monarchists to various red shirts was made up. No comment here either.
  • I’m sensing a trend.
  • Oh btw did you know that the guy from the cover of those MAD magazines won American Idol. Moving on
  • Hangover 2 received its world premiere last night and today and will bring Thailand up in worldwide conscience because it was set here in Thailand. Now a few of the actors have said in interviews lately that they were shocked and in some cases appalled by the going-on in Thailand’s various red light districts. Reading some of the comments and reactions to the actors opinions many Thais seem to be of the opinion that they brought it upon themselves going to the various seedy locations. One commenter even said that if they had done a different kind of trip they would appreciate the beauty of the kingdom. What I have to say is this. Just because we pretend it doesn’t happen doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I’m sorry boys and girls but Thailand does have serious human trafficking problems and unless we do something about it its not going to go away. Be under no illusion that even before this movie we were already receiving bad press worldwide about what goes on in our red light districts so instead of trying to ignore the problem how about you address the problem and bring light to it enough that our slow moving politicians actually wise up and try to do something about it.

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