Utopia doesn’t exist on Earth

The Bhagavad Gita states that   “There is neither this world nor  the    world beyond   nor happiness for the one who doubts.”     Therefore one can surmise that the intention behind the writing was for everyone to accept his or her status readily and at hand.

When reading parts of the Gita one has to bare in mind the social and political repercussions of such statements and do remember the problems still associated with the remnants of the Indian caste system today.

That being said in Thai society acceptance for most of our history has been the norm rather than the exception. Perhaps it is another thing we picked up from the transfusion of culture from India alongside Buddhism, our language and our myths.

But is there room for doubters in the world today. The answer overwhelmingly is yes. In fact doubting should be encouraged. One of the most famous physicist that ever lived, Richard Feynman “”I think it is much more interesting to live not knowing than to have answers which might be wrong. I don’t feel frightened by not knowing things, by being lost unknowing in the mysterious universe”

To people like Professor Feynman doubting was the basis of his whole outlook on the universe.

In society like ours acceptance breeds conformity. When we accept and not doubt we do not question the inequalities and uneven opportunities that plague our society. We’re taught at an early age in Thailand to accept the status quo as it is and not question it. When you’re in a classroom you do not question the teacher, it would be rude and out of line, you accept all you are taught and regurgitate it over and over throughout your life. When adults tell you hearsay and rumour regarding politics, religion or life you accept it because they are senior to you and who are you to question it? When a richer, more powerful person with more baramee crashes his car into your children you do not question it you accept and forgive because what is the point of fighting?

Conformity breeds inequality. So here’s to the doubters. The contrarians, the people who look at the world and say why or why not and not yes sir, more sir. Here’s to the people who aren’t scared of disorder and discourse because disorder and discourse breeds a stronger and more unified society.

Call us what you want, plague, virus, the end of Thai society as we know it, but so what? Is it wrong? Is Thai society now, or historically at ANY point a Utopia we strive so hard to achieve. If you find yourself answering yes, then Im sorry to break the bad news to you, but you’re wrong. Utopia doesn’t exist on Earth or even in the universe. To everyone else, start doubting, start questioning and you never know what answers you might find.

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