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The brother of renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens, Peter Hitchens is a man of religion. The one time atheist has come out and said of the atheist’s advocacy of science as being rooted in pros while religion is something that should be discussed about in poetry, hinting at religions bigger than normal status.

So if you will allow me, I’d just like to rebuke Peter Hitchen’s idea that a cold man’s interpretation, a scientific interpretation cannot be as poetically beautiful as anything religion can come up with.

Atheists such as myself are often asked if there is no higher unifying purpose then why are we here? What is our purpose? Who do we believe in if not a god, or a karmic destiny or a prophet to light our path?

But why are we so short sighted? People, humans, homo-sapiens are so incredibly unique and wonderful in our inquisitive nature that we seek answers to all sorts of quandaries including our place in the universe. But instead of turning to some deity to answer such questions why not look at the cold hard facts.

Our bodies are composed of Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and an assortment of other elements. Where do these elements come from? The Cosmos! All of these elements that make up our spleen, our lung and our hemoglobin are traceable to the very same matter that precipitates the universe.

Even the trace elements in our body are traceable to the cosmos, if you take all the iron from all the hemoglobin of the people in Thailand and compare it to the iron meteorites that circle our solar system you would realize they’re exactly the same and you realize that they have a common origin at the core of a star, doesn’t that make your hair stand on end? To know that we are literally stardust? And when we die and our bodies decompose and the elements and the trace elements, which make up our body get broken down all those elements return to being a part of the universe, isn’t that poetry?

Is there a higher calling than that? Does that not beat some heavenly city in the sky or some repetitive cycle of life and death to know that from the universe we have come and to the universe we will return and perhaps the reason mankind cannot tear our collective eyes away from the stars and wonders of the night sky is not because we seek to find our place in it but because it already has a place in us. The universe is in us, every nuclear reaction in the universe, every gravitational pull, every process has resulted in the elements that from every fraction of your being, every cell of your body, every atom of you creation. What is more majestic than that? What is more poetic?

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